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2015 PCA committee
Chairs : Min Li
Vice Chairs : Hua Li, Jianping Pan, Baoyong Liu, Adam Zheng, Zhaoyang Jiang, Jiwen Duan, Yamin Luo, Yang Wang




2015 Peoria Chinese New Year Celebration on 02/21/2015

We are happy to announce that Peoria Chinese New Year celebration will be on Saturday, February 21, 2015, from 2-4pm, at Dunlap High School Auditorium.





2014 PCA summer activities

This summer, several culture and diversity events were jointly organized by Peoria Chinese Association (PCA) and Caterpillar Chinese Resource Group (CCRG).


On August 9th, Peoria Chinese community actively participated in the 2014 Peoria WorldFest and INGINTE Peoria joint event joining other 10s of ethnic groups. A variety of dances reflecting modern and ancient Chinese Cultures were performed by lovely children and talented ladies. In the culture gathering, community volunteers also demonstrated Chinese cultures of famous Chinese calligraphy. Delicious Chinese food received overwhelming welcome from hundreds of visitors.


WorldFest is a cultural event created locally by the Peoria Civic Center Authority’s Cultural Diversity Committee that features live entertainment related to participating countries, ethnic food, and cultural displays. 2014 is the 10th year celebration for this annual world festival event and first year of its joining forces with the IGNITE Peoria which celebrates creativity that will feature events that will inspire innovation, release artistic vision and spark the passionate imagination of our community.


On August 16th, Chinese community supported the 5th Annual International Day of The Handweavers' Guild of Peoria. Local Chinese talents and volunteers performed traditional dances and demonstrated Calligraphy along with various Chinese art displays including Chinese painting, textile and booklets.


The Handweavers' Guild has members from throughout central Illinois. The focus of the Handweavers' Guild is on loom weaving although members have diverse interests ranging from spinning to knitting to quilting, basketry and making jewelry. While our members enjoy practicing these arts, community outreach is an area of emphasis. This international day is an opportunity to highlight what our guild does while providing a venue for people to learn about the fascinating fiber arts of China, where silk was first used for weaving. Our appreciative audience will be made up of Handweavers' Guild members as well as members of the Prairie Fiber Arts Guild and the Peoria Area Stitches' Guild -- all keenly interested in a wide variety of fiber arts.


On August 30th, Chinese lady dance group and community volunteers joined other diversity groups presented in the first ever Pekin Diversity Festival. Pekin district kids were promptly attracted to the Chinese dragon display and were very interested to watch the Chinese calligraphy demonstration on traditional Chinese fans. The organizer hoped to attract 200 people to this festival, and it turned out there are more than 500 people enjoyed that event.


The Pekin Diversity Festival focused on educating children ages 3 to 12. Pekin Human Rights Committee is an advisory committee of the city of Pekin sponsored this event. The city’s mission statement concerning diversity says, “The city of Pekin is a progressive community that recognizes the fundamental equality of all individuals and thus strives to ensure equality of opportunity for all. Pekin welcomes people of varied backgrounds and their contributions to the city — a community made stronger by the presence of diversity.”


Pictures from WorldFest & IGNITE Peoria 2014


Pictures from First Pekin Diversity Festival 2014



May 24, 2014 -- 2014 Dragon Boat Festival Potluck Party

PCA & CCRG will co-host Duan Wu Festival (端午节) / Dragon Boat Festival (龙舟节) celebration on May 24, 2014. We invite you and your family to join us for this traditional celebration. Besides networking with your PCA & CCRG fellows, community members, & catching up with updates, you will also enjoy our signature BBQs and variety of potluck dishes that you can't order from any of the local restaurant (please do bring your favorite dish to share).


Time & Location:

12 ~ 4:00 pm

Moose Shelter

Detweiller Park, Peoria, IL, 61615


$1 per person. Kids under 4 are free

Every kid will get a free 棕子

Fun games for kids and adults


A bit history of Duan Wu Festival (端午节)

Duan Wu Festival is originated in ancient China more than 2000 years ago. The festival commemorates the poet Qu Yuan/屈原 (c. 340 - 278 BC) for his patriotism. The tradition of Duan Wu includes eating Zongzi (粽子, rice dumplings) and participating in boat races. As a matter of fact, CCRG Solar Chapter at San Diego do compete in local dragon boat races.


The countries around China, such as Vietnam and Korea, also celebrate variations of this Dragon Boat Festival as part of their shared cultural heritage.




2014 PCA committee
Chairs : Min Li
Vice Chairs : Lidi Chen, Baoyong Liu, Adam Zheng, Sophia Zhao, Jiwen Duan, Liqin Wang
Treasure : Xiao Cong & Hua Li



PCA & CCRG leaders at ICC

On May 7, 2014 PCA was invited to attend the celebration and opening of the Chinese Language Institute & International Center of Illinois Central College (ICC). ICC President Dr. John Erwin is a good friend of PCA and in the past he had attended PCA Chinese New Year Celebration Parties. During his openning remarks, Dr Erwin is very complimentary about the collaboration between Peoria Chinese Community and ICC. With its opening, ICC Chinese Institute & International Center now provides a platform for cultural exchange and education for people in this community who want to know more about China and the world. We encourage our PCA members to visit this center which locates in the second floor of ICC main admin building.




Dragon Dance

Dragon Dance is a form of traditional dance and performance in Chinese culture. It is most often seen in festive celebrations. PCA Dragon Dance team is invited to perform at a local fund rasing event in Embassy Suite, East Peoria on February 8, 2014. Dragon Dance teams members include: Bing-Jian Yang, Chunfu Cliff Huang, Zhonghua Jim Zhang, Jingdou Wang, Lidi Chen, Cuong Ly, Mark Haitian Hu, Min Hao, Tao Hong, Yang Wang, Zhaoxu Dong, Min Li, Dong Fei, Jun Wang, Baoyong Liu, and Martin Ding.




Feb 1, 2014 -- Chinese New Year Celebration


Time & Location:

Lunch Buffet at SUSHI KO

Session 1 11:00 am - 01:30pm on Feb 1st

Session 2 12:00 pm - 02:00pm on Feb 2nd

Shows start at 2:00pm in Dunlap High School


Ticket Price

Show & Luch:

Early Bird: $13

Door Price: $15


Show Only:

Early Bird: $6

Door Price: $8




Dec 9, 2012 -- CCRG Pingpong Tournament


2012 PCA and CCRG Pingpong tournament was held on Dec. 9th, 2012. Single event in Men's division and Women's division were included in this tournament. Top three competitors in each division will be awarded a trophy during annual PCA Spring Festival show. Here is the tournament result:


Men's division: Women's division:
1st: Sonny Anderson 1st: Nana Guo
2nd: Yonghang Zhang 2nd: Zan Mi
3rd: Qingzhong Li 3rd: Shanhong Hu


Please click here to view the pictures of this event!




Dec 1, 2012 -- 2012 PCA and CCRG Volleyball Tournament


To enrich the relationship between the Chinese community group with other community groups, 2012 PCA and CCRG Volleyball Tournament was successfully held from 1pm to 5pm on Saturdays, December 1st and 8th, 2012.


Please click here for more picture



June 17, 2012 -- 2012 Dragon Boat Festival Potluck Party

Time & Location:

4:30 ~ 7:30 pm

Moose Shelter

Detweiller Park, Peoria, IL, 61615


Jan 22, 2012 -- 2012 PCA committee
Chairs : Xiaoyun Wang, Bo Xie
Vice Chairs : Kai Chen, Min Hao, Chen Sun, Kai Zhang
Treasure : Nadia Lam


advisory board for 2012

Zuxiao Ding: A former PCA committee chairman, who has done lots of work for PCA
Lifeng Wang: Representing Caterpillar Chinese Affinity Group (CCAG)
Howard Liu: Representing Methodist
Steven Yap: Representing Peoria Chinese Christian Church (PCCC)
Libin Mou: Representing Bradley University


Jan 22, 2012 -- Chinese New Year Celebration - 2012
Time & Location:
Lunch Buffet at Dynasty South (Session 1, 10:30 am - noon) or (Session 2, noon - 1:30 pm)
Shows at Dunlap High School (2:30 - 4:30 pm)

Tickets Info: $12 for lunch & show; $5 for show only.
Tickets will be available at various CAT buildings & local community sites (contacts to be announced).
Click Here for More Details